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About Kakar Mines & Minerals

The Blog follow site Welcome towards the editing that is best Ė Proofreading Essay Services that may Undoubtedly Impress Your Tutors or Dawood Ullah Khan Kakar, the owner of M/S KAKAR MINES AND MINERALS CO, was born in the Muslim Bagh in 1975, In owner’s family. His father Asad Kakar started mining of chrome ore from Muslim Bagh¬† from 1965. Dawood Ullah Khan kakar took¬† interest in chrome ore business from 1997. He worked hard to increase the production of his mines, to¬† adopt modern techniques of mining. He has close and good relations with other mine owners, so that¬† he began to supply chrome ore to the chrome exporting companies form Pakistan. He has done business almost all big chrome ore export¬† companies from Pakistan,¬† and made very good¬† will in business. From 1998 Local Supplies¬† from Muslim Bagh¬† to Karachi about 5000 MT per month till date. He provided¬† his buyers best quality material. Always shipped the material best quality, has good previous track record, Dawood Ullah khan Kakar established and¬† registered his own company M/S KAKAR MINES AND MINERAL CO, offers the world’s¬† best quality¬† chrome ore, metallurgical grade ad refractory grade on regular basis.¬†

30,000 Labour

There are about 30,000 Labours working in Chromite Mines and Chromite Plants of Muslim Bagh


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Total revenue of Muslimbagh stands upon this mineral

M/S KAKAR MINES AND MINERAL CO, offers the world’s best quality chrome ore, metallurgical grade ad refractory grade on regular basis.

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