Kakar Mines and Minerals
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About Kakar Mines & Minerals

Dawood Ullah Khan Kakar, the owner of M/S KAKAR MINES AND MINERALS CO, was born in the Muslim Bagh in 1975, In owner’s family. His father Asad Kakar started mining of chrome ore from Muslim Bagh  from 1965. Dawood Ullah Khan kakar took  interest in chrome ore business from 1997. He worked hard to increase the production of his mines, to  adopt modern techniques of mining. He has close and good relations with other mine owners, so that  he began to supply chrome ore to the chrome exporting companies form Pakistan. He has done business almost all big chrome ore export  companies from Pakistan,  and made very good  will in business. From 1998 Local Supplies  from Muslim Bagh  to Karachi about 5000 MT per month till date. He provided  his buyers best quality material. Always shipped the material best quality, has good previous track record, Dawood Ullah khan Kakar established and  registered his own company M/S KAKAR MINES AND MINERAL CO, offers the world’s  best quality  chrome ore, metallurgical grade ad refractory grade on regular basis. 

30,000 Labour

There are about 30,000 Labours working in Chromite Mines and Chromite Plants of Muslim Bagh


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Total revenue of Muslimbagh stands upon this mineral

M/S KAKAR MINES AND MINERAL CO, offers the world’s best quality chrome ore, metallurgical grade ad refractory grade on regular basis.

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