Storage – Kakar Mines and Minerals

KAKAR MINES AND MINERAL has own Mines and storage Go down at Muslim
bagh and also at Karachi Apx 1.75 Area at Karachi, at a time 5000 to 6000 M.T of Material can
be stored, sufficient equipment and facility i.e. one Acre Thatta, 4 Rooms for office and Labors,
Generator, Loader, Shawal, Stainer, Chrome Ore 42% 54% is the highest grading product
recovers from Mines 2000 to 4000 MT export capacity in all Grades 34% to 54% is with KAKAR
MINES AND MINERAL COMPANY, has their own Mines around 800 Area at Muslim Bagh
Baluchistan, Pakistan.
The Land 


The land for Mining now is allotted under the Mines Act 1923 by the Directorate of Minerals, Baluchistan. Different Land belong to different people – Baluchistan Govt recovers 185.000
Million per month by the mine owners in Taxes.